Get your UK Weather Forecast

If you are looking to plan a holiday or are looking to do some work in the garden or plan an outfoor party them Getweather.co.uk is the place to be. Signed up for weather updates on your phone totally free of charge.

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UK weaher trends

We have been collecting weather statistics for the last 20 years and have recently published our weather data.

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UK weather maps

UK weather maps allow us to create the weather forecasts. If you are interested you can have a go yourself.

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The Ulimate in Waether Resources

    • AtlasInteractive world map pick your country
    • AltavistaIncludes an interactive weather map
    • AtSeaIf your planning a boat trip check here first
    • BBCAmazing site even includes a weather forecast screensaver!
    • BBCWorldMassive site of world weather information
    • EuroThe European Centre of Medium Term Forecasting very detailed!
    • BiiBa British Insurance and Investment Brokers' Association
    • FloodUK Environment Agency site flood warnings action plans and more
    • HighlandsLatest forecasts and news from the Scottish Highlands
    • IntellicastUK focused weather site giving 5 day forecast by town
    • ITNGood clear forecasts from this broadcasters website
    • MetOffice The home of weather forecasting for the UK
    • NottinghamThe universities site that links the latest¬† images from Meteosat
    • OnlineWeatherVast site covering all aspects including UK weather cams
    • PAThe Press Association Weather site
    • SkySelect weather from the menu includes 5 day forecast
    • TeleTextThe Original info source good straight forward website
    • TornadoProject¬†Loads of data and pictures from this US site
    • TorroUK Tornado and Storm research eye opening information
    • USAToday Great site from the US national newspaper
    • Weather.comGreat satellite pictures of the World
    • WeatherorgStraight forward weather forecast
    • WeatherStationsUK weather stations online real time data for you
    • WPIndexFascinating UK site with loads of weather information online
    • WMOOfficial site of the World Meteorological Organization
    • WorldCHome of the World Climate Centre thousands of records online
    • VeryUsefulWeatherA good starting point for lots of different weather matters
    • YahooInformation on every location in the world down to local level
    • ZoomInteractive weather map with "pick a city" facility

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If you would like to get alerts or personalised weather streams please get in touch with us and we will be happy to assist you.